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OPTIFAST Shake Nutrition Label

OPTIFAST is a meal replacement program that features protein shakes, meal bars and soups to help you follow a low calorie diet.The Optifast diet is a liquid diet that dates back to the 1970s.Diet shakes and other meal replacements are a boon when you lack the time or motivation to shop for and prepare.It is a meal replacement product that provides complete nutrition for safe and effective.Slim Fast and Optifast have similar names but are very different approaches to weight loss.

Optifast is a very low-calorie-diet and behavior modification.Compare these two diets by cost, ease, and recommended foods to find out which diet is best for you.Contact our Century City or Bakersfield office to learn more.From this article you will learn more about this plan including reviews.The Optifast weight loss program is medically supervised, so it is generally safe for people who would benefit from significant weight loss.Basically, because if I do the picture, I think I will do the diet.

Optifast is a meal replacement shake offering 100% of 24 vitamins and minerals.I did try to have Slim Fast shakes as a solution to breakfast once,.A meal replacement is a drink, bar, soup, etc. intended as a substitute for a solid food meal, usually with controlled quantities of calories and nutrients.Optifast Diet Review. 2. Product Evaluation. 5.7 out of 10. The patient is only allowed to drink the liquid Optifast Shakes, which will amount to 800 calories a day.

Optifast is a serious weight loss program for individuals who need to lose 50 pounds or more.

OPTIFAST 800 Ready to Drink Shakes

Safe and effective weight loss using OPTIFAST for people who are ready for healthy weight loss in Fayetteville.

I have ordered The New lifestyle diet shakes and bars. I have been on the Optifast diet for a week and I am experiencing severe stomache cramps.Meal-replacement shakes are an effective, easy way to drop pounds.

OPTIFAST Diet Shakes

The OPTIFAST meal replacement program utilizes. a strict liquid-only diet, the OPTIFAST program is suited.

The OPTIFAST program is a clinically proven weight loss program with documented outcomes in over 80 studies.

OPTIFAST Shakes Nutrition

According to, Slim Fast is a meal-replacement diet in which...

Lose 2-7 pounds per week safely using the OPTIFAST Full Meal Replacement Program at Clinical Nutrition Center in Denver, Colorado.

Instructions for use: Simply add one sached of Optifast VLCD Shake mix into 200mL of cold water.Yes the dramatic nature of this diet does worry me a little.

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